Equine Assisted Coaching – How Horses Help People

Recently we held our second Equine Assisted Coaching workshop for 2016. This particular workshop is a favourite of mine and we have had some amazing individuals attending from all backgrounds and age brackets from 13-65 years, both male and female. Not only do I love being able to bring together such a large range of people, I also love the fact that this workshop is about showing people the amazing capacity horses have to help people.

I find that I am continually learning more from these beautiful beings at each workshop and session I run and at our latest workshop a big lesson in connection was highlighted. Horses help and teach us so many things about life including trust, boundaries, energy, intent, love, leadership and confidence to name a few, but I find what recurs quite strongly and frequently is connection. Without connection it is not possible to create any of those other things.

The horses create a space for us where we can safely connect, to them but also more importantly to ourselves. It is through this connection that we can begin to learn more about ourselves; who we truly are and what we truly want in life beyond what society, culture, friends, family and even we think we should and do want. To me this is the true essence of life and only once we start stripping back the superficial and conditioned layers will we find that true self – that spark underneath.

Once this process is set in motion magical things start to happen. Congruence occurs, beginning within you and manifesting in the outside world by things aligning around you. The horses prove this in the way they respond. When you step into that space other things start to happen. You find perfect alignment, clear intent, confidence and peace. Everything flows from there and you have created a wonderful cycle of connection.

I saw this cycle of connection occur with my participants in our last workshop. One in particular, our youngest attendee yet, started the workshop a bit ‘highly strung’ internally and the horses reflected this through their quick and fidgety behaviour. After a bit of help from myself and the horses she opened up to the space the horses created and found her ‘centre’. On doing so she instantly formed a strong connection to one of our therapy horses Queenie. Neither had met before but Queenie recognised the shift and a safe and loving bond was formed immediately. Even when the halter was removed and Queenie could choose to leave, she stayed by her and followed wherever she went. The two were inseparable for the rest of the workshop.

It is moments like those that become transformational. Those quiet and focused moments where you connect in with yourself and your whole being shifts into place. These changes are quite simple and usually only require small shifts but the results for you and those around you are quite obvious and powerful.

Find your centre and the rest will follow!

Until next time,

Enjoy the Ride.

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    Taking the ovweiver, this post hits the spot

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