Contemporary clinical research shows that close proximity to horses changes human brain wave patterns suggesting that humans can be transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. It has also been revealed in studies conducted by HeartMath that horses have extremely strong heart rhythms which have the capacity to affect our own heart rhythms, similar to a magnetic force, which help relax and calm us when in their presence. This explains how appropriate interaction with horses can therefore be extremely therapeutic to adults and children alike.

Horses have a finely tuned ability to pick up on and see who we really are, our capacities and our struggles and help us develop, grow and improve through working with them.

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an interaction between horses and people designed to promote experiential learning for all the participants. EFL promotes strategies to attain healthier relationships that in turn can improve wider group and family dynamics. EFL sessions bring together horses and people in a safe, supervised space designed to elicit positive and empowering interaction. 

The majority of sessions involve interacting with the horse from the ground and although riding is a possibility, most people will experience EFL and its many benefits in this way. EFL is fun, interactive and informative! Great for all ages and abilities, everyone will go home feeling happier and more relaxed for a long time after the session ends. There is no age barrier for Equine Facilitated Learning and we have horses to suit a large range of clients. Currently our oldest client here at Consciously You is 91 and our youngest 9! 

EFL can benefit a wide variety of conditions and issues

Disabilities, both mental and/or physical:  

EFL is particularly beneficial to people with any sort of disability as it encourages interaction, learning, movement and independence. We can work with people in all capacities including sight or hearing impaired, wheelchair bound, those with mental disability including autism and those recovering from injury and accident. The aim is to help people gain as much independence and quality of life as possible. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder :  

EFL promotes new and positive interactions with the assistance of horses to help in overcoming and coping with PTSD symptoms. Horses have an incredible ability to instil relaxation and happiness within us while also helping us learn new skills and strategies we can apply to all areas of our life. This is an experiential process to promote wellbeing and recovery. 

Confidence and self-esteem:

Working with horses in the form of Equine Facilitated Learning is a fantastic way to improve and promote confidence and self-esteem regardless of age. Being able to build a connection and effective communication with a horse teaches us valuable life skills including speaking up, setting boundaries, communication skills and self-worth. 

There is nothing too small or too big or even too silly to work with. 

Here at Consciously You we offer private sessions, full day personal development workshops with the horses, 2 day introduction courses for those interested in doing Equine Therapy work and tailored programs for organisations and businesses. 

Please visit the Events page for more information on workshops, clinics and courses.

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