Holistic Horsemanship means working with the horse on a whole; incorporating the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the horse into training. This is about being conscious of the horse’s needs, wants and capacity, as well as our own and working WITH rather than against it. Working with the horse in this way opens up a whole new world of possibility for true connection and partnership, whilst also being pain, fear and injury free for both horse and person. Working with the whole horse is completely force-free, having respect for the horse as a unique individual thereby allowing the horse to become a confident, relaxed, happy and above all willing partner. True horsemanship is gentle, responsive and based on mutual trust and respect.
My approach is based on the learnings I have received from all the horses I have worked with over the years, as well as the years of work I have done in Natural Horsemanship which has given me a solid basis on many different methods and styles. This combines with an empathic and individualised approach that is about listening to the horse. My passion is liberty work and bitless training, having ridden bitless since the age of 12 and seeing some amazing changes in the horses I have worked with this way. I also specialise in rehabilitating horses.


Horsemanship lessons for you and your horse:

Focus on developing deeper connection, trust and confidence with your horse to achieve your goals and overcome issues together.

Starting horses under saddle:
Horses must be a min. of 4 years of age so horses can develop without undue strain.

Basic training:
For all ages. Includes groundwork, handling and float loading if needed.

Re-education / Rehabilitation:
Assisting horses to overcome past trauma, injury or workload on a mental, emotional and physical level. See Holistic Help for your Pet for more information on different ways we can assist your horse back to full health.

Bitless training and re-education (for horse or horse and rider):
Providing a safe and knowledgeable environment to educate or re-educate your horse to bitless and help you through the process if needed.

Horsemanship clinics:
Offering clinics in Holistic Horsemanship, connecting with your horse/s and in liberty work.
Visit the events page for dates or contact me directly.

Liberty (working at freedom):
I am very passionate about working with horses freely so am happy to incorporate liberty training into lessons or training or do lessons entirely on liberty.

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