A big Thank You to all of the people who contribute their knowledge and expertise to helping the team here at Consciously You, as well as the business so we can continue to do the work we do to our fullest potential. Without all of you this would not be possible!


Sally Smith

Graphic Design and Marketing Sally Smith Graphic Design Sally is a qualified freelance graphic designer who has joined our team as our graphic designer and marketing guru. She is a much needed addition to our team and we are very excited to have her on board! Since joining us she has worked tirelessly creating our website and marketing material, creating crisp, clean and elegant images every time. We are very blessed and grateful to have her creative genius and expertise working hard behind the scenes doing what we cannot and giving us a beautiful online presence.

Benson Sanders-Carter

Partner and creative mastermind behind Benson’s Blacksmithing Benson is my off-sider for workshops whose help makes everything run smoothly on the day and has been an integral part of the business behind the scenes, helping wherever possible. He also happens to be our trimmer, keeping everyone’s hooves healthy and in shape. Aside from that he is the talent behind all the beautiful creations at Benson’s Blacksmithing as well as the many lovely pieces we have here at Consciously You. His unique artwork makes a great gift idea or an eye-catching addition to any home or office. Visit our shop to view pieces for sale.

Clare Andrew

Whole Horse Clare is the Teams brilliant horse masseuse (Equine Myofunctional Therapist) and has been working for us since 2014, keeping everyone in tip top physical condition, and of course super relaxed! She loves her work and is extremely dedicated to her clients and their health and is wealth of knowledge. We have all learnt so much from her, and continue to do so every time she visits. Clare was one of the key components to restoring our mare Chello to her full health, working hard with us to see this happen and we owe her massive thanks for doing so. Clare travels quite extensively to treat horses and does her utmost to fit you in and often brings a visitor along in the form of a new feathered or furry baby whom she has just rescued! For more information visit or

Kim Cooper

Equine Dentist We are very lucky to have Kim as our equine dentist for all of our team. With 15 years of experience in horse dentistry she is very knowledgeable and brilliant at what she does. Kim is extremely passionate about her job and ensuring the health and happiness of horses through their teeth and travels quite extensively to help as many horses as possible. We hugely appreciate her calm, gentle and patient manner which does wonders to help the horses relax and allow her to do her work effectively, without undue trauma or stress to the horses. She takes as long as she needs with each horse and makes sure the experience is a good one. Kim is the loveliest person and an absolute delight to work with, we cannot recommend her highly enough! For more information visit

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