Scroll through the team profiles to read more about each horses story and background. All members of the team have chosen to become Equine Facilitators and enjoy the work that they do. They are each in consistent work, having regular handling, walks and horsemanship including liberty work.


Birthday: 16/09/2004   –   Deceased: 03/06/2015

Breed: Friesian
Sex: Gelding (Male)
Colour: Black

Consciously You is dedicated to Marquis.

When I bought him in 2007 there were only around 150 Friesian horses in Australia and it was a miracle to me that he came to me. I was 15 and he was 2 years old so we grew up together physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He was trained under saddle at age 5 in 2009 and so began my journey in training as well. Seeing the connection between the two of us led me to discover Equine Therapy and I became my own first client, experiencing the benefits of experiential learning through horses. He was an integral part of my life for the time he was with me, teaching me more than I could ever have imagined about horses and also linking me to so many wonderful people and horses. He was the link between all of the people in my support team and also inadvertently brought all the current horses who are part of the team together. Born a leader, he had a magnificent presence and was wise and caring, becoming affectionately known as Buddha. Missed dearly, he will always be an integral part of the work done here at Consciously You.


Birthday: 23/09/2009
Breed: Anglo-Arabian
Sex: Gelding (Male)
Colour: Chestnut

Avalon is a very spirited and intelligent young horse who loves to play and be out and about. He is very curious and likes to be busy. He has been with me from day one, being the last foal born on our property. He was born with fire in his heart and I always commented he had more spirit than his body could handle! We have been on quite the journey together already. Despite being born into a safe home, he was incredibly fearful of everything and would not allow anyone to touch him. Being so fearful and highly strung he would always be seen racing around his paddock in a panic and was always hurting himself because of it. I began training him at 18 months old and although those who saw him told me he would be better off dead for both our sakes, I persevered, seeing the potential he had. Slowly he became calmer and panicked less and less. Suddenly his true personality came out and he blossomed into a willing, adventurous, even-tempered young horse who had a lot to teach. I was not sure how he would go with my work but he has embraced it whole-heartedly and chooses his clients carefully. He likes to teach people to embrace their power and work with it, as well as be grounded and present. He has become the star of the team and a crowd favourite, my diamond in the rough.


Birthday: 25/10/2003
Breed: Quarter Horse
Sex: Gelding (Male)
Colour: Chestnut

Amadeo was the last foal born from my family’s stud Lothlorien. He was purchased by a family friend who fell in love with him at a few days of age, and although is still owned by our friend came back to live with us at the age of 10. Initially meant to be my riding horse, he instead became my first therapy horse working with clientèle. With his lovely solid temperament he is a valuable part of the team. He is a deep thinker and bit of an internaliser but likes to take on the big issues and really show people what needs to be addressed. A real gentleman, he loves being part of all our workshops and sessions as much as possible. A big boy with a big heart!


Birthday: 19/12/1995
Breed: Welsh B
Sex: Mare (Female)
Colour: Bay Roan

Pokie was given to us in August 2015 at the age of 20. She was looking for a forever home and clicked with us immediately. She had been a companion horse and was not overly interested in people and had a tendency to squeal and tell you to go away (and sometimes still does)! She slotted in straight away, finding a best friend in Avalon and beginning training shortly after arrival. From word go she has been amazing, taking everything in her stride and doing whatever was asked of her. She always comes to say hello and now even halters herself. She absolutely loves cuddles and attention. She is very outspoken and is firm about not wanting to be ridden but otherwise happily does everything. She is very intelligent, a little impatient and particularly enjoys liberty work and giving people more confidence through this. She also has the important job of doing all of our travelling displays and visits with me. I refer to her as my little superstar!


Birthday: 02/09/1995
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Mare (Female)
Colour: Bay

Queenie is an ex-racehorse turned broodmare who was purchased in 2010 when my mother was looking for a riding horse. She was in foal to Avalon at the time. She was in quite a bad state when we bought her but luckily after feeding her up, and returning her to good health she gave birth to a beautiful healthy foal. She is a bit accident prone and has a few bumps and cuts from previous injuries but is a lovely natured girl who enjoys cuddles and quiet time. She has been asking to join the team for a while now and I have finally brought her back into work at the start of this year. She has been fantastic to work with and has already become one of my best team members, participating in workshops, sessions and doing all of our horsemanship lessons! Nothing much fazes this girl and she is currently our only riding horse for clients who wish to do ridden work. A very smart girl, she has a lot to give and is a real sweet heart. This lovely lady has stolen my heart and that of many of our clients!


Birthday: September 2000

Breed: Unknown

Sex: Mare (Female)

Colour: Bay

Chello was purchased from a Quarter horse sale in 2001 at the age of 6 months by my partner’s mother. She later became my partner’s (Benson) riding horse at the age of 2 and was his horse from then on. Benson put her in foal at the age of 11 and after moving to Adelaide had her and her foal trucked from WA to us in June 2014. After arriving, it became obvious that she was unwell and having her treated revealed she was suffering extreme muscular and skeletal issues. After 12 months of intensive treatment and recovery time she is now fully recovered. She has been retired from ridden work since arrival but happily joined the team as one of our therapy horses in 2015. We are happy to say she has found some great companionship within our herd and is now very comfortable and content. Chello has been through a lot which has given her great understanding and healing capacity when working with others. She is very intelligent, sensitive and quick thinking. A fascinating and beautiful horse to work with, a true healer.


Birthday: 11/10/2005
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Gelding (Male)
Colour: Bay

Rex is our newest addition to the family and was a rescue from Windamere Horse Haven. He is one of the biggest horses I’ve seen standing over 18hh! Despite his large size he is a gentle, kind soul and the kind of horse you immediately have to love. He was bred as a race horse although only raced once as he was too slow and ended up as a show horse. When he was rescued he was in a state of neglect and heading to the knackery, having terrible teeth, feet and body condition. He has already improved immensely since then and will shortly start training once his feet are fully healed in order to build muscle and condition. He is a ridden horse and will also eventually be brought back into ridden work and if he is interested, join our team of Equine Facilitators! This horse has the potential to do great things and we are excited to be starting this journey together. Watch this space!


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